RV Storage / Vehicle Storage

Do you have a lovely collector’s car that only sees use on nice days? Or maybe a spare tow or work vehicle? We have both outdoor and indoor climate controlled vehicle storage including boat storage & RV storage.

Eagan/Inver Grove RV Storage & Trailer Storage

RV and Trailer Parking on real asphalt. It’s a crazy idea, but we figure most people don’t want to track mud and gravel into their fantastic, expensive fun toy. Bonus: an uncle Eddie approved dump location! If you want to rent indoor vehicle storage & boat storage for big rigs, let us know. We may build it! Check out what’s available here. Just click the “parking” button. Our vehicle storage parking is pretty full now but we do have a wait list and are month to month.

New Brighton Indoor Parking/Trailer Storage

Believe it or not, we have indoor climate controlled parking for your car, trailer, or small RV. With limited availability, check out what’s open here.

STÖR Tour – Parking

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When you sign up for a $250 or larger total rental relationship. Reserve your unit today!

2 Months for $2

With a $50 rent prepayment for month 3. Rent Now!